Calgary's best choice for takeout sushi!



$40.00 Dinner for 3

1 California roll, 1 Spicy tuna roll, 1 Dynamite roll, 1 Passion Sunrise, 1 Rodeo Rider


$57.25 Dinner for 4

2 Dynamite roll, 2 California roll, 1 Passion Sunrise, 1 Rodeo Rider, 1 Nine One One


$70.50 Special Platter

1 Passion Sunrise, 1 Rodeo Rider, 1 Rainbow Roll, 1 Zesty Avalanche, 1 Meteor Rain, 1 Nine One One


Big catch combo

$14.25 Big Catch

California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dynamite Roll

spicy catch

$14.25 Spicy Catch

Spicy California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll

editted For 2 combo

$24.50 Double Catch

California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dynamite Roll, 4pc Salmon Sashimi, 4pc Tuna Sashimi

Regular Rolls 6pcs

BCR Frameless

$5.50 BC Roll

Grilled Salmon Skin and Cucumber

veggie roll

$5.50 Veggie Roll

Fresh greens, daikon, cucumber and avocado

Special Rolls 9pcs

No color passion snrise

$11.75 Passion Sunrise

Crab and avocado topped with salmon, green onion, tobiko and volcano sauce

rodeo rider

$11.75 Rodeo Rider

Tuna, salmon and crunchy wonton bits topped with spicy sauce, garlic chips, green onions and sesame

No color God of wind roll

$11.75 God of Wind

Prawn tempura, cucumber, masago, topped with avocado, unagi and white wine wasabi sauce

rainbow roll

$11.75 Rainbow Roll

Crab meat and avocado topped with salmon, tuna, avocado and prawn.


$11.75 Dragon Roll

Cucumber and prawn tempura topped with avocado and unagi sauce

Zesty Avalanche

$11.75 Zesty Avalanche

Spicy miso infused salmon and daikon topped with prawn and avocado served with light mayo

Moun Alaska

$11.75 Mount Alaska

cucumber and tuna topped with smoked salmon, avocado, volcano sauce, thinly sliced onions and black pepper

Meteor Rain

$11.75 Meteor Rain

crabmeat and wild salmon, topped with torched seared salmon, sliced onion, mayo and mixed spices


$11.75 Nine One One

crunchy wonton bits and tuna topped with salmon, fire sauce, tobiko, green onion and cayenne pepper


$11.75 Y.R.A.

Yam tempura, red pepper tempura topped with avocado and sweet-soy sauce


$11.75 Tropic Rush

Tuna and avocado topped with salmon and mango

Crimson River

$11.75 Crimson River

Deep fried crab and avocado roll, topped with salmon and tuna with a river of spicy sauce


Spicy Miso

$2.50 Spicy Miso Soup

House-made garlic ra-yu infused miso soup with green onion and tofu

$1.25 Miso Soup

Tofu and green onion miso soup



$8.75 Sashimi Salad

Fresh sliced assorted sashimi on mix salad with our house dressing

Seaweed Salad

$3.95 Seaweed Salad

Seasoned seaweed, cucumber and daikon with yuzu wasabi sauce topped with tobiko


$4.95 Spinach Goma-ae

Steamed and cooled spinach salad, served with a mustard sesame sauce



$8.50 Ebi Chili Mayo

6pc prawn tempura with a side of volcano sauce and caviar


$8.50 Yam Tempura

6pc yam tempura with a side of tempura sauce

Veg Temp

$8.50 Veggie Tempura

Assorted veggie tempura(Yam, Bell Pepper, Zucchini) with a side of tempura sauce

Other Appetizers


$4.95 Edamame

Boiled soy beans served with rock salt


$10.50 Tuna Tataki

lightly seared tuna marinated in tataki sauce, served with dill, green onion and garlic chips


$10.75 Hamachi Carpaccio

Yellowtail seasoned with salt and pepper, with a drizzle of olive oil, and a touch of Kalamansi gelée, served on a bed of wonton bits and tomato

Agedashi TOfu

$5.75 Agedashi Tofu

Fried tofu served with Kalamansi-mushroom sauce, topped with daikon